3 Reasons Why Nothing Changes In Your Life

September 4, 2018

I was in a bit of a pickle about 2 years ago, sitting on my bathroom floor crying wondering how the hell did my life get here?

I had just got home from a year on the road and had high hopes for the future! I knew where I wanted to be, I felt the future was looking bright and I knew deep down that was all I wanted. 

But, I found myself back at my old job, thrown into living somewhere that I didn't really want to, feeling like I had been ripped of my biggest dreams and desires. I prayed to the Universe and asked to be guided in the direction of helping others and living the dream life I had always wanted to. 

One random occasion I was really struggling, I started looking up course to be a life coach when I was on the toilet at work, put my phone away and then when I checked it later on, I and saw a random number had messaged me. It said I had won a life-changing 2 day seminar for free.

I had never done any personal development and where I lived it was a struggle to get there, but I went and had a transformative weekend. I finally uncovered what it was that I wanted! I got connected back to me, back to what it is I really wanted, and that I deserved it! 

I discovered there was 3 reasons why I kept staying stuck, and I wanted to share them with you:

I knew what I wanted in the bigger picture, but in no way did I ever sit down and get detailed about everything I wanted. When I hired a coach, it was finally all about me and what I wanted because I connected with WHY I wanted it all. You don't have to be selfish to have everything you want, you just need to focus on it!

At the time, I didn't see the value in having like-minded people around me. I was introverted and independent, thinking I knew everything. I thought I didn't need a coach because I had life all worked out. But when I actually invested in myself (it felt so good) and I got so much value plus stepped it up in my life I never knew I could! My coach got me doing things I never thought I would ever do but had always dreamed of doing like starting my business, posting videos online and writing a book because I cleared all my shit and paved the way for my true self to shine through!

I loved writing lists all the time, but sometimes they would just keep getting longer and longer and I would lose sight of what it is I was trying to do! Getting organised and having an end goal that I could keep my eye on reminds me of WHY I do all of this every day, because life can be hard sometimes. Usually, when you don't have a goal in mind you start feeling stuck or feel confused about where to begin. This is why your action plan is so unbelievably important when keeping your life growing and flowing. 

So start taking action!

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